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The kind of dreamwork that we do at “Student of the Dream” is probably different than any other dreamwork that you have ever heard of or read about. We don’t interpret dreams and we don’t look at them in isolation from the dreamer. You cannot interpret a person and for us you cannot really interpret a dream. Imagine that you tell someone about your day and instead of really being present with you in that moment, they instead start interpreting everything you did, giving you a bunch of psycho-babble about why you did what you did. I hope that you would tell them (politely of course) to go take a hike. Interpreting a dream has about the same level of meaning.

We are meant to be in relationship to our dreams, not judging or interpreting them. We are meant to learn what it means to be present with these gifts from our sleeping consciousness. This is the first step in learning about this practice – it is a process of learning to be with your dreams in a personal and experiential relationship. Read more…



The greatest challenge to our personal, social or spiritual growth is the way that we have forgotten, become unconscious of the depths of who we are. Dreams show us step by step how to break out of that amnesia. As a society, we live in the world of our conscious minds, a world that has not only forgotten but also trained us to forget the depths. Our dreams are here each night to remind us of something different. They knock at the door to our conscious world with the hope that you will answer, that you will open that door to the realm of dreams, a consciousness that can help you to remember who you really are.

As a teenager who was a bit of a nature nut, I grieved the loss of wilderness and the loss of the cultures that lived here before us. I believed then and I believe now that modernization despite all it’s benefits has also in some ways stripped us of the heart and soul of who we really are. Disassociated us not just from the natural world but also from the truth of our own nature. Click here for more…

Dreams and Grace

I woke yesterday morning with a dream of a young woman handing me an infant, an extraordinarily beautiful infant, girl or boy, I am not sure. I felt such joy with this infant, could feel her innocence and could feel my own. She gave to me a moment of grace, a forgetting of all the foolish things of the world that I could get lost in, a remembering of nothing except the moment by moment experience of being with her.

This morning I am breathing into that moment and wanting to share this with you, wanting to share this journey though our dreams back to this part of ourselves, back to joy and innocence and grace.

I am aware as I sit here in bed writing this, that I have for most of this life been separate, been split off from this grace that I feel with this infant child. It has been a journey to find my way back to this part of myself, to in a way begin to know myself as this child even as I walk through this world in my 6’ 4”, 220 pound male body. Click here for more.

Shark Whisperer Dream

Sue and I just finished helping lead a weekend retreat with North of Eden, at the Rowe Conference Center. I continue to marvel at how much I learn and grow from the generosity and courage of those who open their hearts in the “string process” that we use, working with dreams at retreats.

I went into this retreat struggling a bit inside myself and particularly in relationship to my writing. I had hoped to have a new piece up before we went to Rowe last week and while I could blame this failure on the logistics of the world ie prep for the retreat etc., the truth is that I felt a kind of block inside myself.

I was trying to write a piece that introduces the work and I was able to write but felt unsatisfied, almost like what I had written was from an old place that was no longer me. Read more here…

Finding Love in the Desert

In the Red Book, Jung talks extensively about what he calls the “desert experience”. He opens the first section about the desert with this passage:

“My soul leads me into the desert, into the desert `of my own self. I did not think that my soul is a desert, a barren,hot desert, dusty and without drink. The journey leads through hot sand, slowly wading without a visible goal to hope for? How eerie is this wasteland. It seems to me that the way leads so far away from mankind. I take my way step by step, and do not know how long my journey will last.”  

Jung’s talk of the desert experience is one of the most important parts of this book. It lays out a process that is parallel to what we call “stage one work” (see the Deep Well Tapes by Marc Bregman, with Sue Scavo and Ellen Keene) in Archetypal Dreamwork. To me it is the greatest challenge of personal/spiritual work, to learn to let go of what we have known of ourselves and to trust that there is a way through the “wasteland” MORE…

Evolution of Consciousness

This site is devoted to the exploration of the evolution of consciousness. I believe that we are just barely at the beginning point of understanding consciousness. That like with many things we have had it upside down. We have as a culture valued what we already know and in doing so we have limited ourselves, missed the opportunity to open to the consciousness that resides in what we ironically call the “unconscious”.

My own experience working with my dreams and the 12,000 dreams that have been submitted to the North of Eden “Submit a Dream” program over the last ten years has shown me that the greater part of what is available to us lies beneath what we already know. Our relationship with the unconscious realm, with what on a spiritual level would be called the divine realm is at a beginning point not an end point. Click here to continue reading…

Currently Featured Art and Creative Expression

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Art and Poetry by Ellen Metrick

Silver Keys


Silver keys

All around me


Poetry by Susan Marie Scavo

When God Comes

Sometimes, he just looks. Eyes large. Like the eye of the whale in that unnamed bay in Mexico. I did not know enough to be scared as the grey storm shadow of its body moved toward our little boat like a rogue wave in the sky blue water. The fisherman, shutting off the outboard motor, threw Spanish at me, but I leaned over the edge of the boat anyway. I leaned, the boat pitched, and the whale surfaced, releasing its held breath, the fine spray wetting my face. I leaned and the whale leaned too; I looked and he turned his body so that he could look back.

It was eye I leaned into, pupil dark with the depth of the sea. Eye that quieted even the thoughts that rocked like a little boat inside of me. He looked and I dared to look back. Leaning in a little. The quiet sounding, my breath releasing.
From Susan Marie Scavo

getty photo 2

New Song:

“Stay” by Getty Payson

I am very excited to share this rough cut of a song by Getty Payson. She is a dear friend and colleague who works with North of Eden as an analyst and on their Musicality Team. She is also part of their band – Bob and the Trubadors.


See lyrics here…

Currently Featured Blogs and Websites

These will rotate through every week or so...

Healing Through Feeling - Kezia Kamenetz

I felt I needed to gain more control over my emotional state, be more rational, have more perspective. Those were the kinds of things I was looking for when I first called my therapist, Marc Bregman, who invented a unique method of Archetypal Dreamwork. Instead of learning how to manage my feelings, though, Marc taught me something totally different: how to feel them at all.

Normally, it is taken for granted that we feel our feelings and know how we feel. We even believe we know how others are feeling.  Click here for more…


In Search of Puella - Laura Smith

Transformation is not linear. Imagine it like a mandala forming, but if you were looking at it from above, it might appear as a boiling caldron, each bubble blooming into existence to form a place in the mandala. The moment of the blooming is an awareness flooding, a new feeling opening, or perhaps alchemy happening. The mandala as transformation, becomes the love. Like nature, it is chaotic and unpredictable and yet still forms to an incredible, beautiful rendering of the soul. From Laura Smith In Search of Puella

Dreams - The Sacred Experiment, Mary Jo Heyen

So began a lifelong curiosity about my dreams.  I trusted that they were trying to tell me something but I just didn’t know what…and couldn’t seem to find out.  For the next six decades, I wrote them down, in journals, on scraps of paper, even in Spanish to keep my writing skills up, as if the very act of writing would unlock their mystery.  I studied everything and everyone I could on dreams, but nothing was ringing true.  Yet, my trust and curiosity was keeping something alive in me, something I would have to wait another sixty years to uncover – To read more click here…

A Dreaming Druid - Mary Kay Kasper

Dreaming back to the earth

The darkness holds me

As I dive into the landscape of the dream

The forest calls

Voices carried in the wind

Do you know us?

Have you loved us?

Will you try before we die?

 Click here to go to her site…

NOE building photo

Musicality Way - Bob Murray

What is Musicality?

Musicality is a process of feeling and stepping into vulnerability through song, thereby creating wondrous opportunities for self-discovery. Available in both one-on-one sessions and group settings, it’s a pretty basic recipe—a few parts musical instruction and guidance, a whole lot of personal breakthrough and inner exploration. Click here for more info…

Quote of the week…

Thanks to my friend Leigh Randolph who shared this quote with me the other day.

“mysteries are not to be solved. The eye goes blind when it only wants to see why”


Invitation to Creative Expression

One of the many things I am exploring for this site is to have it be a gathering place for creative expression. There has been an explosion of art, music and poetry in our dreamwork community. If you are interested in displaying it or any other creative expression related to the inner work you are doing then please let me know. I have posted a poem from my sweetheart Sue and an art piece from my friend Laura Smith. I look forward to growing this collaboration. If you are interested contact me by “CLICKING HERE”.

Bill St.Cyr

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